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Shirt Care

Few things are as simply satisfying than putting on a crisp, clean shirt in the morning. By following these simple shirt care steps for washing your Ridolfi shirts you can make sure they always look and feel great- no matter how many times you wear them.

How do I properly wash my shirt?

For everyday shirts we recommend a 30 – 40°C washing cycle.  For shirts that are stained we recommend a 40 – 60°C washing cycle.  If your shirt is heavily stained, pre-treat with a little detergent prior to your washing cycle.

How do I keep my dark shirt dark?

For dark coloured shirts we recommend a 20 – 30°C washing cycle.  We recommend a high quality detergent that is specifically made for dark colours, these detergents are mild and can keep the fabric from premature fading.  After pre-treating any stains, turn the shirt inside out for added protection.  Avoid leaving your shirt in direct sunlight, natural sunlight can make the fabric fade or discolour.

How do I prevent underarm stains?

Underarm stains are caused by the ingredients in anti-antiperspirant and the natural salts in sweat.  Many antiperspirants contain aluminum to help reduce sweat, the aluminium can cause yellowing on the fabric.

Should I use dry cleaning?

We do not recommend dry cleaning, however if needed please advise your cleaner to use no starch and only apply a light press. Do not press the shirt collar, cuffs and front placket.